The World's Longest Car Has Not Only A Putting Green But A Helipad


There are a lot of flashy cars out there. And we've seen cars with everything from pools to pool tables on them. But this car wins the award for not only the world's longest vehicle but it also has a jacuzzi AND a helipad. Talk about flashy...

Jay Ohrberg is the man responsible for this car. He's also responsible for legends the General Lee, the Ford Gran Torino of Starsky and Hutch fame, and Batmobiles for multiple films in the 1970s as well as Tim Burton’s Batman Returns. If that doesn't make him a cool guy (and you'd be crazy to think he's not) he’s also a car collector and has anything from a DeLorean and Herbie to Mad Max replica cars and KITT from the Knight Rider series.

But back to the world's longest car. It's named the American dream and was based on the 1970 Cadillac Eldorado limos. Ohrberg started drafting it up in the late 1980s and it was produced in 1992. This thing clocks in at 100 feet long and in order to get it on the road, it needed 26 wheels, two engines, and two drivers (that's when you know it's impressive). And in order to make this thing turn, it’s hinged in the middle similar to city buses.

Along with being insanely long, it's insanely luxurious. The American Dream may even border on tacky, depending on who you ask. But you can't say it doesn't have everything you could want. A pool with a diving board? Yep. A Jacuzzi? Of course. A king-sized waterbed? Naturally. A putting green? Of course. Multiple rooms? Absolutely. A freakin’ helipad? Damn right. No wonder it needs two drivers and two engines...