Rototiller Racing Is An Actual Real Event


The experience of using a rototiller is pretty much the same otherwise for over the area you're working on, hope you don’t hit a rock, and go as far down as you need. Pretty standard stuff. So as far as excitement goes, it's not something to write home about. But in Emerson, Arkansas, they do. Starting in 1990 the PurpleHull Pea Festival has been famous not for peas, but instead tiller racing. Yup, tiller racing. We're talking souped up, hot rodded roto-tillers on a 200-foot dirt course. And they're drag racing. Honestly to see it is to believe it. It kind of looks like something you’d find the farmer’s kids doing behind the barn when they think nobody's looking. But the competitors are completely serious about the racing. Check out the rules...

1. Rule #1 is SAFETY. Any tiller or tiller racer that is deemed unsafe will be disqualified, and not allowed to race.

2. Racers must sign release forms before they race.

3. All racers must wear shoes.

4. There will be no riding of tillers. (we're not kidding)

5. The racer must be in control when finishing line is crossed.

6. A three-second penalty will be accessed if tiller strikes barriers between lines.

7. Only essential personnel are allowed in pit area. That is the owner and racer only. (no kids please)

8. In case of a tie, a run off will take place.

9. One Tiller-Per Racer-Per Category. If you have more than one tiller in a category, you must have a registered racer for each tiller. In the event a racer cannot continue to race you may assign a new racer for that tiller, but they must have a release form signed.

10. All races started will be considered official unless both racers are unable to complete the race. In this case, a re-run of that race will occur.

But at the end of the day, look at the bright side: maybe holding onto the handles of a psychotic gardening tool and running to spare yourself road rash is doing wonders for your health. Or you could just rag doll behind the tiller once you lose your footing…friction is one way to lose those pesky pounds, you know!