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SuperMax Shrink

GM never offered a short box Duramax. So we take an '03 and chop the frame for the smaller bed. Plus the payoff of Project Workahauler F-150.

Yukon Hardcore Locking Hub set for Dana 30 & Dana 44

Chevrolet Tailgate Applique for Chevrolet full size trucks

All purpose cleaner and degreaser

Rust Preventive Coating formulated to be applied directly over rusted or bare metal surfaces

Fasteners, Hardware, and Shop Supplies

Traveller Wiring Install Kit
Traveller 12V Truck Electric Winch, 8,000 lb. Capacity
4", Square, LED Lights
Massimo MSU-500 EFI Side by Side UTV
Traveller 21.25 in. 120W Light Bar
Traveller 13.25 In 72W Light Bar
Traveller 2 in. Adjustable Mount
Tractor Supply Co. Trailer Tongue Tool Box, Silver
Traveller 12V UTV Electric Winch, 4,500 lb. Capacity

2009-2013 4" Suspension Lift Kit - Ford F150 4WD

Tire, Grabber X3, LT 35 x 12.50-20, Radial, E Load Range, Q Speed Rating, Solid Red Letters, Each

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SuperMax Payoff
2017 | Episode 23
The stage 2 shortbed Silverado HD gets a custom tune and dyno run. Plus we'll put the Duramax and new turbo upgrades through its paces on the street and strip during BBQ & Burnouts.

SuperMax Drag Strip Prep
2017 | Episode 22
Our Stage 2 Silverado gets a final once-over in preparation for Engine Power's BBQ & Burnouts exhibition on the drag strip. Plus how to prep and paint plastic.

Klassy K5 Axle Rebuild
2017 | Episode 21
The '89 Blazer 4x4 returns for lockers in the rear - and new gearing up front, along with steering upgrades

SuperMax Stage 2 Final Mods
2017 | Episode 20
SuperMax Silverado gets a beefy transmission along with exhaust and suspension upgrades to finish up the Stage 2 upgrades.

Klassy K5 Powertrain SuperMax Engine Dress Up
2017 | Episode 19
Our Blazer chassis gets its big block and trans inside the frame rails, and the SuperMax Silverado LB7 is fully dressed with turbo, charge and intake pipes.

SuperMax Stage 2 Engine Upgrades
2017 | Episode 18
With the 6.6L Duramax pulled out, we delve into the inner workings of a diesel engine and build more power with upgraded components.

Klassy K5 Rolling Chassis
2017 | Episode 17
Our '89 blazer frame is back from powdercoat where it can be turned into a rolling chassis with suspension, rebuilt junkyard axle, wheels and tires.

Ford Model A Teardown Build-Up
2017 | Episode 16
'Our '30 Model A cab and bed is removed from its 87 year old frame. Then the build can begin by putting the cab on the new frame, along with firewall modifications.

Klassy K5 Frame Repair, Axles
2017 | Episode 15
Restoration of our 89 Blazer continues by stripping the frame bare and repairing the damage. Plus junkyard how-to as the guys go searching for axles.

SuperMax Paint & Steering
2017 | Episode 14
In preparation of Stage II, our shortened Silverado HD gets a new paint job and heavy duty steering that will eventually handle 1000 horsepower.

Ford Model A Truck Chassis
2017 | Episode 13
We roll up our sleeves and get to work on our '30 Model A Ford with quick disassembly and the build up of a crate chassis including axles, suspension, springs, shocks, links and I-beam front end.

Identity Crisis Reassembly
2017 | Episode 12
The '67 El Camino give-away, now dressed in custom paint, gets re-assembled, including new bumpers and chrome trim. Plus new interior, 3" exhaust, and HiJacker air shock install.

Klassy K5 Blast & Body Work, Silverado IFS Upgrades
2017 | Episode 11
The '89 Blazer gets stripped to bare metal for repair, and our SuperMax Silverado is treated to front suspension & fuel delivery upgrades, plus performance brakes.

Identity Crisis Custom Paint
2017 | Episode 10
Step by step how-to design and laydown a show quality paint job. Techniques include metal flake, ghost flames, fades and a way to create water droplet fx.

Identity Crisis Engine & Trans
2017 | Episode 09
Our '67 El Camino project begins with teardown for paint prep. Plus, a beefy 6 liter LQ4 truck engine built on Engine Power gets dropped in along with turbo 350 racing trans.

SuperMax Rust Repair & Paint Prep
2017 | Episode 08
Buyer beware! Hidden rust is discovered under the paint of our diesel Silverado. We get this truck one step closer to paint by repairing cab corners and showing how to replace rocker panels.

Klassy K5 Introduction & Teardown
2017 | Episode 07
We introduce our '89 Blazer with a raucous trail ride to show capabilities of Chevy's full size 4x4 in stock form. Then we bring it back, tear it down, and begin building the ultimate trail/show fun truck.

SuperMax Stage 1 Upgrades
2017 | Episode 06
Our '03 Duramax is back for stage one performance enhancements including intake and exhaust upgrades. Plus fixing a bad body repair.

Project Preview
2017 | Episode 05
The guys give a sneak peak at projects for the upcoming season, along with showing how to start a barn find that has been sitting for a long time.

SuperMax Shrink
2017 | Episode 04
GM never offered a short box Duramax. So we take an '03 and chop the frame for the smaller bed. Plus the payoff of Project Workahauler F-150.

Suspension Overhaul
2017 | Episode 03
Upgrading the suspension, wheels and tires on our Workahauler F-150, plus how to buy a used truck.

Workahauler F-150
2017 | Episode 02
How to build a real work truck from a late-model F-150. Also, how to blend paint on a repaired fender.

Classic C-10 Dyno & Track Test
2017 | Episode 01
Team wraps up its classic C-10 build, then pays it off at NCM Motorsports Park.

’71 C-10 Part 1
Season 3, Episode 07  —  Original Airdate 2/21/2016

A classic C-10 is introduced and treated to air suspension on all four corners

Project C-10 - Reassembly
Season 3, Episode 09  —  Original Airdate 4/24/2016

This classic pickup returns for custom brakes, fuel system plus cab repair

Our "New" 1971 C-10 Cheyenne
Season 14, Episode 05  —  Original Airdate 6/23/2012

We're on the hunt again, looking for a new project and it looks like we've found one! It's a 1971 Cheyenne C-10 that comes with lots of potential and even more gas guzzling, old school, big block horsepower!

1971 C-10 Cheyenne Door Replacement
Season 14, Episode 16  —  Original Airdate 1/5/2013

Trucks! shows you how to do the easiest rust repair known to man, completely replacing the rusty panel with a brand new sheet metal one. Then a Kenworth big rig goes out for a little test drive.

6 Liter LS Truck Engine Swap
Season 14, Episode 18  —  Original Airdate 1/19/2013

Today, it's engine swap time with an 6 liter LS engine from a salvage GMC 2500. This engine will go into our 1971 C-10 Cheyenne and we'll show you how to extract and prepare the entire drivetrain for a truck heart transplant.

1971 C-10 LS Engine Swap!
Season 15, Episode 03  —  Original Airdate 3/23/2013

We're installing our freshly harvested 6.0 LS engine and its 4L80 transmission in our 1971 C-10. Then, we're relocating the gas tank to under the bed before installing our modified engine harness and firing it up.

1971 C-10 LS Test Drive
Season 15, Episode 06  —  Original Airdate 6/22/2013

We're taking our 1971 Chevy C-10 out for a test drive with its newly installed LQ4 6 liter V-8! But first, we're doing a little suspension maintenance before we hit the road.

1971 C-10 Suspension Upgrade
Season 15, Episode 07  —  Original Airdate 6/29/2013

We're adding new truck arms, lowering springs, sway bars and rebuilding our front control arms on our 1971 Chevy C-10!

1971 Chevy C-10 Differential & Window Upgrades
Season 15, Episode 09  —  Original Airdate 7/13/2013

Trucks! shows you how to rebuild a limited slip differential and how to convert your vintage Chevy side windows to one piece glass!

1971 Chevy C-10 Brake Upgrades, Bodywork & Painting Doors
Season 15, Episode 11  —  Original Airdate 7/27/2013

It's time for an upgrade to the disc brakes on the 1971 C-10. Then, we're painting the new doors and doing a little bodywork to cover up the old gas hole.

Project Hemi-Hauler: Supercharger & Exhaust
Season 3, Episode 03  —  Original Airdate 1/24/2016

Our 2013 Ram half-ton gasser gets a supercharger & high flow exhaust, plus hammer/dolly body tips

Hemi Hauler Payoff
Season 3, Episode 06  —  Original Airdate 2/14/2016

After major intake upgrades, lowering kit and more the ’13 Ram is back for stereo upgrades, lights and payoff

Project: Wild Frontier
Season 2, Episode 15  —  Original Airdate 7/12/2015

Team preps Frontier 4x4 for hunting with 6" lift, air locker, gears, 35" rubber and upgraded brakes.

Wild Frontier: Payoff
Season 2, Episode 17  —  Original Airdate 7/26/2015

Team adds GPS off-road mapping system to V6 Nissan and heads into the back country to prep for hunting season

Wrangler Re-do: 2WD to 4WD
Season 2, Episode 08  —  Original Airdate 4/12/2015

Ryan lifts '07 Wrangler, converts it a to 4WD and installs an Advance Adapters under-drive crawl box

Wrangler Re-do: Axles
Season 2, Episode 10  —  Original Airdate 4/26/2015

Ryan completes 4WD conversion with new Currie front axle, heavy-duty driveshafts and performance brakes

Wrangler Re-do: Performance
Season 2, Episode 12  —  Original Airdate 5/10/2015

Dual purpose '07 Jeep gets bolt-on performance upgrades, tuner, trail lighting and stainless steel exhaust

Wrangler Re-do: Payoff
Season 2, Episode 13  —  Original Airdate 5/17/2015

Ryan finishes his modified Jeep street/trail rig with a sport top and tests it out on the streets and the trails

Project NighTrain - Diesel Swap
Season 2, Episode 03  —  Original Airdate 1/18/2015

Turning a classic Chevy R10 into a street bruiser swapping in a Duramax diesel with Allison 6 speed automatic.

Project NighTrain: Paint Matching
Season 2, Episode 14  —  Original Airdate 7/5/2015

R-10 with DuraMax diesel gets matching paint, a cowl hood, weld-in roll pan and new front end treatment

Project NighTrain - Diesel Swap
Season 2, Episode 07  —  Original Airdate 2/15/2015

How to box the frame of a Chevy 1500 to handle the extra power and torque of a modern Duramax diesel V8 engine

NighTrain: Suspension
Season 2, Episode 19  —  Original Airdate 9/13/2015

Team drops and levels Duramax diesel 1500 with 2"/4" lowering kit and swaps out anemic factory 10-bolt rear.

NighTrain: Fire Up
Season 2, Episode 22  —  Original Airdate 10/4/2015

Guys fabricate intercooler plumbing, custom fuel lines and custom exhaust as we fire up our Duramax diesel.

Project Basket Case Fire Up & NighTrain Plumbing
Season 3, Episode 01  —  Original Airdate 1/10/2016

Firing an EcoBoost in bare chassis & custom plumb a Duramax cooling system

NighTrain Payoff & Budget Silverado
Season 3, Episode 04  —  Original Airdate 1/31/2016

Diesel NighTrain hits the strip for a smokin' payoff & cam swap and tune of our '10 Silverado "Project White Noize"

Super Dually Part 1
Season 11, Episode 06  —  Original Airdate 4/25/2009

Our third new project of the season will result in a diesel tow rig by combining both old and new, Ford and Dodge. A modern Dodge Cummins Turbo Diesel Powered chassis and a classic 1970's Ford 4 door Crew Cab body for a "modern" tow rig and a vintage look.

Super Dually Part 2: Body Swap & Frame Repair
Season 11, Episode 10  —  Original Airdate 5/23/2009

We'll straighten out our 1997 Dodge frame before setting our 1979 Ford F-350 body on it.

Super Dually Part 3: Frame Modification and Body Fitment
Season 11, Episode 12  —  Original Airdate 8/30/2009

We're modifying our 1997 Dodge frame by moving the engine back nearly 6 inches before bolting our 1979 F-350 body to it.

Super Dually Part 4: Power & Clutch Upgrades
Season 11, Episode 18  —  Original Airdate 11/21/2009

We're adding power to our 5.9 Cummins with a new fuel plate and dropping in a brand new, heavy duty clutch.

Super Dually: The Payoff
Season 1, Episode 19  —  Original Airdate 8/10/2014

Hybrid six wheel Ford body/Dodge Cummins diesel rolls out of the shop for its maiden asphalt twisting payoff.

Diesel Power Upgrades
Season 15, Episode 13  —  Original Airdate 9/21/2013

Today, we're adding a water/methanol injection kit to a 2005 Dodge Ram 2500 diesel to improve its towing performance! And, we're adding a cold air kit to Project Super Dually!

Super Dually Part 10 - Wiring it Up!
Season 15, Episode 15  —  Original Airdate 10/5/2013

We're back on Project Super Dually! We're adding running lights and, getting our Ford head and tail lights to operate using our Dodge wiring harness!

Super Dually Part 11 - New Interior & Custom Bumpers!
Season 15, Episode 16  —  Original Airdate 10/12/2013

Trucks! is cleaning up the interior and protecting the exterior on Project Super Dually. Inside, we're reviving the door panels and adding new carpet, then on the outside, we're adding some serious custom built bumpers!

Trucks! All Star Auto Body Thrash
Season 12, Episode 12  —  Original Airdate 9/11/2010

We've got seven of the very best custom car builders in the nation helping us take Project Super Dually from a rough shell to a primed and ready to paint truck.... in just one show!

Super Dually Part 5: Sound Insulation & Bedliner Installation
Season 12, Episode 17  —  Original Airdate 11/6/2010

We're spraying sound insulation inside the massive cab of Super Dually to help with the noise and adding a DIY spray-on in bed liner to the bed.

Super Dually Part 6: A New Coat of Paint!
Season 12, Episode 22  —  Original Airdate 2/19/2011

Today SUPER DUALLY is under the gun! The body swapped F350 finally gets to wear its permanent colors!

Super Dually Part 7: Retrofitting Cooling and Driver Controls
Season 13, Episode 03  —  Original Airdate 4/16/2011

We're continuing the "mash up" of our '79 F-350 and our '97 Ram 2500 by retrofitting the cooling systems and the driver controls to our Project Super Dually.

Super Dually Part 8
Season 13, Episode 16  —  Original Airdate 1/21/2012

Project: SuperDually gets new a new steering shaft, headlights and under hood paint.

Super Dually Part 9 - Odds & Ends
Season 14, Episode 02  —  Original Airdate 4/14/2012

Today Trucks! will be doing a lot of the necessary but tedious work on Project Super Dually, like hooking up the steering, the brakes, wiring and plumbing!

Hemi JK: V8 Swap Completion
Season 1, Episode 15  —  Original Airdate 7/13/2014

Tech details on completing a Jeep Hemi engine swap with how-to integrate new cooling, fuel, electrical and exhaust systems.

Hemi JK: Mid-Arm Articulation
Season 1, Episode 16  —  Original Airdate 7/20/2014

How-to lift our Hemi Jeep with mid-arm suspension and a Dana 44 front diff for more articulation and grip.

Hemi JK: Rock Ready
Season 1, Episode 18  —  Original Airdate 8/3/2014

We complete our V8 Hemi Wrangler project making it trail ready with big brakes, rock sliders, bulletproof bumpers and tire carrier.

Hemi JK: Payoff
Season 1, Episode 21  —  Original Airdate 10/5/2014

Hemi Jeep gets Dana 44s with air lockers then a payoff in the rough with off-road suspension designer Rusty Megois.

Project: Basket Case F100
Season 1, Episode 09  —  Original Airdate 4/20/2014

The guys start their next classic build finding a disassembled '55 F100. They save cash and time reviving this abandoned project.

JK Wrangler Upgrades Part II & Basket Case Wood Bed
Season 3, Episode 14  —  Original Airdate 7/3/2016

Our Jeep gets LED's before hitting the trail, and Jeremy uses his custom paint skills to add a unique color treatment to the pick-up's wood bed

F100 Basket Case: Hot Rod Classic
Season 1, Episode 23  —  Original Airdate 10/19/2014

Classic 1955 Ford pickup gets modern custom chassis to hold turbocharged Eco-Boost from a modern F150.

Project Basket Case: Eco Boost
Season 2, Episode 01  —  Original Airdate 1/4/2015

How to fabricate custom motor mounts to swap an Eco Boost V6 and Tremec 5 speed into a classic F100.

F100 Basket Case: Spark
Season 2, Episode 11  —  Original Airdate 5/3/2015

Ryan's F100 gets electronic control pack activating Eco Boost turbo V6, and a custom cats-only exhaust

Project Basket Case Fire Up & NighTrain Plumbing
Season 3, Episode 01  —  Original Airdate 1/10/2016

Firing an EcoBoost in bare chassis & custom plumb a Duramax cooling system

Project Basket Case Body Mockup & Paint Prep
Season 3, Episode 02  —  Original Airdate 1/17/2016

The ’55 F100 is assembled and body worked for paint

Project Basket Case Intercooler Fab & Frame Paint
Season 3, Episode 10  —  Original Airdate 5/1/2016

Our Ecoboost-powered ’55 F100 gets a custom-fabricated intercooler and the frame is treated to a full-on paint job.

Painting Project Basket Case
Season 3, Episode 13  —  Original Airdate 6/12/2016

Team assembles the chassis for our classic F-100, which then gets custom paint

Project Basket Case Wiring & C10 Plumbing and Exhaust
Season 3, Episode 15  —  Original Airdate 7/10/2016

Basket case is wired bumper to bumper while the Chevy C10 is plumbed and given a custom cutout exhaust.

Senior Silverado
Season 1, Episode 05  —  Original Airdate 2/2/2014

Team starts transforming 260,000 mile Chevy work horse into sweet sport truck by servicing and upgrading worn out brakes, steering and charging system.

In The Weeds
Season 1, Episode 06  —  Original Airdate 2/9/2014

The guys drop their high mileage '93 Senior Silverado street truck with a front and rear suspension lowering kit and finish off the stance with fresh wheels and tires.

Sheet Metal Mods
Season 1, Episode 07  —  Original Airdate 2/16/2014

Time and cash saving tech on how-to fit and body work rusted rocker panels and rotten cab corners on Senior Silverado.

Sr. Silverado: Smoother Front & Rear
Season 1, Episode 08  —  Original Airdate 4/13/2014

Custom sport truck tech - a smooth front bumper and grill install, plus how-to smooth the tail gate with an inside latch.

Senior Silverado: Perfect Paint Prep
Season 1, Episode 10  —  Original Airdate 4/27/2014

The guys show how and why pre-paint body work and surface prep are the secret behind achieving a killer paint job.

Senior Silverado: Heart Transplant
Season 1, Episode 11  —  Original Airdate 5/4/2014

The 350 in our 260,000 mile Chevy gets yanked out and replaced with a 383 Stroker crate short block, hot cam and new EFI.

4 Speed Tutorial: GM's 4L60-E
Season 1, Episode 12  —  Original Airdate 5/11/2014

What you need to know about how to rebuild and upgrade GM's 4L60E four speed automatic overdrive transmission.

Senior Silverado: Drivetrain Finale
Season 1, Episode 13  —  Original Airdate 5/18/2014

Failsafe tech on how-to swap in, and dial in a street performance automatic transmission and complete the driveline.

Raptor & Tremor
Season 1, Episode 02  —  Original Airdate 1/12/2014

Team tests Fords new Raptor and Tremor pickups, installs a new exhaust system and shares plastic facia repair secrets.

Jeep Refresh
Season 1, Episode 03  —  Original Airdate 1/19/2014

Team refurbs tired AWD Cherokee with sheet metal dent repair, re-dye seats and reweld broken aluminum wheel.

Jeep Facelift
Season 1, Episode 04  —  Original Airdate 1/26/2014

Secrets and tricks on how-to spot color-blend body work without having to paint the entire vehicle.

Truck Tech Schedule

Model A Rear Suspension
2018 | Episode 12
Jeremy and LT continue on the Model A project finishing up the drop by modifying the rear of the Pete & Jake's chassis. This custom hot rod truck will be slammed to the ground and with suspension to accommodate.
TODAY 5/27
10:00 AM ET/PT
Model A Rear Suspension
2018 | Episode 12
Jeremy and LT continue on the Model A project finishing up the drop by modifying the rear of the Pete & Jake's chassis. This custom hot rod truck will be slammed to the ground and with suspension to accommodate.
Saturday 6/2
9:00 AM ET
Model A Frame Drop
2018 | Episode 07
To get the '30 Ford street rod down to the ground, the guys cut the frame in half, drop it 8 inches then weld it back together all to get this chassis "sittin' in the weeds."
Sunday 6/3
10:00 AM ET/PT