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Next Gen Nova

Mike and Pat put the final touches on their '62 Pro Street or No Street Nova

Kimberly-Clark Professional, Scott Shop Towel Roll, Blue, 55ct
Scott Glass Cleaning Towels, Blue, Roll



16 oz. Brush Top Can Pipe Thread Sealant, White


Shroud and Fan assembly

Battery, Yellow Top, 12 V, Deep Cycle, 750 Cold Cranking Amps, Top/Side Post, BCI Group 34/78, Each

Biondo Racing, Switch, Double O, Ultra-Quick, Momentary, Trans-Brake, Oversize Button, 20 Amps, Each
Tilton Engineering, Severe-Duty Super Starter, Mini, Inline, Chevy, Each

Convoluted Tubing, Easy Loom Split Wire Sleeve, Black, 0.375 in. I.D., 20.00 ft. Length, Each

Fluid Cooler, Tube and Fin, Aluminum, 1/2 in. NPT Female Threads, Fan, 800 cfm, 9 in. Diameter, Each

Sea Foam Motor Treatment is a safe and versatile additive that can be used in fuel, oil or added directly into the combustion chamber on 2-cycle, 4-cycle, rotary and diesel engines.


BBQ & Burnouts
2017 | Episode 23
Mike, Pat and several local gearheads eat barbecue and go head to head for the first annual BBQ And Burnouts special.

Hemi With a Power Adder
2017 | Episode 22
Mike and Pat work with the Procharger team to boost a new grand Cherokee SRT8 with impressive results.

Gnarly Nova and Universal LS Bullet
2017 | Episode 21
Pat and Mike tie up loose ends, then fire up the nasty Pro Street or No Street Nova. Plus, a smooth as silk LS powerplant that will motivate any project…

Next Gen Nova
2017 | Episode 20
Mike and Pat put the final touches on their '62 Pro Street or No Street Nova

Yellow Fever/Black Magic
2017 | Episode 19
Pat and Mike wrap up the Rislone Mustang Sweepstakes car with awesome Dyno runs. Then, make more progress on Project Pro Street or No Street.

Twin Turbo Hellion Power On New LT1 Camaro
2017 | Episode 18
The Engine Power guys have turbo guru John Urist in the shop to add big power to GM’s latest Camaro. Twin turbos and the new LT1 powerplant are the perfect recipe to spin the dyno rollers to big numbers…..

The Return of Project Pro Street or No-Street Nova
2017 | Episode 17
The 62 Nova is ready for final assembly. Lots of tech and fab work have to be done to get the Nova ready to rock the roads…

The Galaxie’s Final Frontier
2017 | Episode 16
Mike and Pat have their hands full with the finishing touches on project white fright. From turbo piping, plumbing the brakes, installing a carbon driveshaft, mounting the new wheels and tires, and a whole bunch more……

An All Access Pass to Go Fast
2017 | Episode 15
Pat and Mike hit the road for an inside look at a record setting engine building operation that mixes NHRA, Nascar, and all other things in the hi-performance industry…..

Different Strokes for Different Folks
2017 | Episode 14
Pat & Mike are going “PLUM CRAZY” by adding to their STOKER line up, by building a 408 cubic inch pump gas small block Mopar

Rislone Mustang Sweepstakes Ride Part 2
2017 | Episode 13
The Engine Power duo adds over 250 Horsepower to the Rislone Mustang. Plus a new sound out of the exhaust, and a gear box to handle it all.

Rislone Mustang Sweepstakes Ride Part 1
2017 | Episode 12
Pat and Mike start the transformation of a stock Mustang GT into the Rislone Mustang Sweepstakes Ride. They install a track engineered suspension system, massive brakes, plus wheels and tires.

Pro Street or No Street Nova - Part II
2017 | Episode 11
This Nova is no joke. Its 588 Big Block gets updated with a wicked manifold and EFI. Plus, Uncle Robin dials it in on the dyno. Project 383 re-rev also gets some more face time…

383 Re-Rev/Matco Tool Fair
2017 | Episode 10
The Engine Power team dissects a small block stroker out of the Nova and takes a trip to New Orleans for the annual Matco Tool Fair.

Pro Street or No Street Nova - Part I
2017 | Episode 09
Mike and Pat modernize a mid 90's themed Pro Street '62 Chevy II Nova. Tear down, planning and prep will complete the first portion of this build….

Tech School Engine Build Competition
2017 | Episode 08
Universal Technical Institute (UTI) and Shell help us kick off a student based engine build competition to show off their talent. From the engine stand to the dyno, the competition will be tight.

Ford Tribute: Big Inch Windsor Stroker
2017 | Episode 07
The Engine Power guys pay tribute to Ford’s historical 427c.i. FE engine with a big inch, big power producing smallblock.

“Opposites Attract” Something for everyone…..
2017 | Episode 06
Mike and Pat complete the supercharged Scion FRS and head back to the road course. Plus, the 2007 C6 Corvette, Atomic blast, get’s suspension, brakes, and the finishing touches for a dyno session.

Atomic Blast Corvette
2017 | Episode 05
Pat and Mike baseline a 2007 C6 Corvette than add a trick top end package for big power.

Silver Scion FRS
2017 | Episode 04
The Engine Power guys are impressed with the power gains from the Edelbrock supercharger, so they attack the suspension, clutch and brakes with familiar performance enhancements.

Supercharged Sports Car For Less
2017 | Episode 03
How to add 100 rwhp to a Scion FR-S with Edelbrock's emissions-legal blower kit.

6.0 On A Budget
2017 | Episode 02
Pat and Mike coax 550-hp out of their Working Man's Bullet LS, then test their 816-hp Caprice on a high-speed road course.

Half-Mile Hauler
2017 | Episode 01
Team installs 200-mph capable suspension on its 1,000-hp '63 Galaxie

Cadillac LSA 427 Stroker Part 1
Season 3, Episode 05  —  Original Airdate 2/7/2016

Pat and Mike look for big power from the factory supercharged power house found in the Cadillacs CTS-V's

Cadillac LSA 427 Stroker Part 2
Season 3, Episode 06  —  Original Airdate 2/14/2016

The guys finish the top end and strap in to the dyno chairs for a power filled dyno session on pump gas

In House Power Mouse: Stage I
Season 3, Episode 01  —  Original Airdate 1/10/2016

The first of a 3 stage build of the durable small block Chevy. A back to basics 355 inch powerplant that makes great reliable power for under 4000 bucks.

In House Power Mouse: Stage II
Season 3, Episode 02  —  Original Airdate 1/17/2016

Stage II of our small block Chevy build get's block modifications and a competition rotating assembly to complete a solid shortblock

In House Power Mouse: Stage II Part II
Season 3, Episode 03  —  Original Airdate 1/24/2016

Completing the small block Chevy with trick induction from the heads to the intake manifold. This potent combo makes big power on the dyno We're taking you to the NMRA (National Mustang Racers Association) Finals in Bowling Green, where championships are on the line and the action is non-stop

In-House Power Mouse Roars
Season 3, Episode 14  —  Original Airdate 7/3/2016

In Stage 3 of our small-block build, our 383 becomes a 406 and gets a centrifugal supercharger to make mega-power.

Supercar Slayer: PowerStop Z06
Season 2, Episode 17  —  Original Airdate 7/26/2015

C6 Z06 gets new Track Day brake package, suspension upgrades, sticky tires plus get more LS7 power with long-tube headers.

PowerStop Z06: Supercharged
Season 2, Episode 18  —  Original Airdate 8/2/2015

Supercharging a 2008 Z06 and adding Z26 performance brake package to out perform the new $90,000 Z06 Corvette

Rattle Can Rod: Roller
Season 2, Episode 10  —  Original Airdate 4/26/2015

Pat and Mike team up with Duplicolor to build old skool street rod with Factory Five Racing's '33 hot rod kit

Rattle Can Rod: Power
Season 2, Episode 11  —  Original Airdate 5/3/2015

Mike and Pat install reengineered drive train in '33 FFR hot rod kit and test it for Dupli-Color sweepstakes

Black & Blue Stage I
Season 2, Episode 08  —  Original Airdate 4/12/2015

Team makes big street/strip power on a budget by stroking a stock 5.0L small block Ford to 347

Black & Blue Stage II
Season 2, Episode 09  —  Original Airdate 4/19/2015

Team tests the limits of Ford's 5.0L block with big compression, solid roller cam and 8000 RPM dyno runs

Black & Blue: Stage III
Season 2, Episode 20  —  Original Airdate 9/20/2015

Team takes their wild 347 Ford to Stage 3 with Hellion 76mm turbocharger, making massive power on race gas.

Sweet Slant Six
Season 2, Episode 02  —  Original Airdate 1/11/2015

Team resurrects and hot rods Mopar's indestructible 6 cylinder, the bulletproof 225 Dodge Slant Six.

Slant Six Duster
Season 2, Episode 03  —  Original Airdate 1/18/2015

71 Dodge gets period-correct restoration with hopped up 225 Slant Six Mopar and fresh automatic trans.

Lime Dime: 427 Big Block
Season 1, Episode 22  —  Original Airdate 10/12/2014

Team creates over-the-top street/strip pickup wedging a nitrous-powered 427 big block into a compact S10.

Lime Dime: More Power
Season 1, Episode 23  —  Original Airdate 10/19/2014

How-to bolt on 150 HP with a wet-nitrous system, install a bed-mounted radiator and index J-wire spark plugs.

Race Track Tuning
Season 2, Episode 13  —  Original Airdate 5/17/2015

Team dials in Lime Dime drag truck at the strip with how to set up the trans brake, ladder bar suspension and NOS

Iron Animal Part 1: Building a 408 Stroker
Season 1, Episode 09  —  Original Airdate 4/20/2014

How-to build a modern Chevy stroker starting from scratch with an LQ4 iron truck block strong enough to survive plenty of turbo boost.

Iron Animal Part 2: Flow Bench Testing Heads
Season 1, Episode 10  —  Original Airdate 4/27/2014

The latest GenX cylinder heads are flowed, installed and topped off with multi-port fuel injection before being dyno tuned on pump gas.

Iron Animal 408: Wicked Turbo Power
Season 1, Episode 19  —  Original Airdate 8/10/2014

How to turbo-charge an iron block LS stroker to make 1000 horsepower with a single 88mm turbo and air-to-air intercooler.

Old Skool Flatty: Part 1 How to Hot Rod a Ford Flathead
Season 1, Episode 08  —  Original Airdate 4/13/2014

Transforming a junkyard Ford flathead into a classic hot rod V8 with prepping the block to handle a stroked rotating assembly.

Old Skool Flatty: 3 Deuce V8
Season 1, Episode 14  —  Original Airdate 7/6/2014

Engine guru Keith Dorton helps build our Ford flathead with 3/4 race cam, high compression heads and 3 deuces.

Part 1 Building an Old Skool Six
Season 1, Episode 03  —  Original Airdate 1/19/2014

Team starts building a 70's era Ford inline six by taking it to a local auto machine shop.

Hopping Up an Old Skool Six Part 2
Season 1, Episode 04  —  Original Airdate 1/25/2014

Team hops up, assembles and dyno tests Ford 's venerable straight 6 with a cam, intake and carb.

Budget LS Tech Part 1
Season 1, Episode 01  —  Original Airdate 1/5/2014

Team starts a two part build of an LS on the cheap starting with a junk yard 4.8L iron block out of a Chevy truck.

Budget LS Tech Part 2
Season 1, Episode 02  —  Original Airdate 1/12/2014

The team assembles the long block, a New EFI top end and then dynos the 4.8.

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Head-to-Head Horsepower
2018 | Episode 11
Mike and Pat set up GM's LQ4 and Ford's Windsor with comparable parts, to find out which one makes more power!
TODAY 5/26
8:00 AM ET
Triple Threat Camaro Tech
2018 | Episode 12
The Triple Threat Camaro will soon be ready for the drag strip and the road course.
Sunday 5/27
9:00 AM ET/PT
Mopar Power
2018 | Episode 06
A 512ci Big Block Mopar goes from stout street engine to pump gas race bullet.
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